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Customers at the Heart of Everything We Do

July 08, 2014

We are always trying to improve the way that we deliver services to our residents and as part of this continuous improvement process, we recently launched a programme called “Customers at the Heart”.

We put this programme together with the assistance of an organisation called Mary Gober International (MGI). They provide training, coaching, and consulting services to organisations that want to improve their service performance.

Based on the work MGI did with us, they developed and delivered a two-day training session for all office staff at Hexagon. The idea was to provide us all with some tools and techniques to improve the way that we engage with our residents in our daily interactions. Hexagon’s managers and directors also attended a further training session to ensure that we embed the earlier training into our everyday routine. For example, we focused on how we can lead by example and provide coaching and support for those in our teams. The method outlines something called a ‘Service Excellence Mindset’ and this will drive our approach in the future.

Having made a considerable investment in ensuring all our staff have not just the technical tools, but some new “people skills” to provide our residents with excellent service, the task is now to ensure that we “live” this new approach in our day to day work!

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