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At Hexagon Housing Association we are committed to work in partnership with our residents and service users to improve the quality of life in their neighbourhoods and the service we provide. Hexagon’s culture is based on empowering our residents.

This statement summarises our Resident and Service User Involvement Policy and outlines our commitments and responsibilities for getting residents involved.

Mission Statement

Hexagon will promote the involvement of residents in shaping the services they receive. We will engage with residents in the ways they are most comfortable with, and that are most effective.

Our Aims

  • To ensure that consultation on the services and the opportunities to influence how they are delivered are accessible to all.
  • To offer a variety of ways for residents and service users to become involved and to allow residents to choose the ways in which they engage with us.
  • To develop new and innovative means by which residents and service users can get involved.
  • To provide timely information in order that residents and service users can be properly equipped to take part in working alongside Hexagon.
  • To provide training and support to residents and service users so that they have the information, knowledge and confidence to become involved.

Why Should Residents Become Involved?

Hexagon welcomes the involvement of residents in shaping the delivery of the service. We believe that residents input helps to ensure that the service is effective, efficient and value for money. Hexagon will therefore work with residents and service users to ensure they are at the heart of what we do, thus enabling a good service to be delivered.

How do we Support Resident Involvement?

We provide both practical and financial resources to support resident involvement, including a dedicated team and budget to enable activities to happen.

How can Residents get Involved?

There are a range of opportunities for residents to get involved, including:

  • Focus groups

    From time to time we run focus groups in which residents come together with staff to find out your views on the services we provide, and how they could be improved.

  • Telephone surveys

  • We will contact you, at a convenient time, to discuss proposals or seek your feedback over the phone.
  • Postal questionnaires

    We will gather your feedback using a written survey or questionnaire, which will be delivered through the post.

  • Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations

    These are a democratically elected group of residents from an area who meet regularly to put forward the collective views of residents on a range of issues, including estate services, repairs services and environmental concerns. Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations are open to all Hexagon residents from the area the Association covers.

  • Residents’ Forum

    This group meets every two months to discuss strategic and policy issues that affect all tenants across Hexagon.  As the only elected resident members group, the Residents Forum is self managed and works closely with the Board, directors and managers.  The Forum wish to assist Hexagon in its work as a social landlord to be the best that it can be by making recommendations to ensure that Hexagon is driven by the priorities of its residents.  Click here to read more.

  • Readers’ Panel

    This group of residents who review the latest edition of Home News (the quarterly magazine for residents). The Panel feeds back its suggestions for improvement in the magazine and make recommendations for items that they would like to see included in future edtions.

  • Care and Support Feedback Forum

    The are meetings for residents of nursing homes who raise items of interest and make suggestions for social activities.

  • Estate Champions

    Estate Champions are volunteers who keep a regular eye on the estate or the area they live in, and report issues to Hexagon, leading to improvements in that area.

  • Resident Board Members

    Residents are able to get involved in the governance of the association and help develop Hexagon’s strategic direction. One third of places on the Board are set aside for residents who are elected to serve a 3 year term on the Board.

  • Housing Co-ops

    A Housing Co-operative is a group of residents who, whilst still remaining tenants of Hexagon, organise themselves to manage the homes they live in.

  • Estate inspections

  • Every estate has an inspection carried out jointly by the Housing Officer and Area Surveyor every three months. Residents are notified in advance and are free to attend the inspection.
  • Residents’ training

    Hexagon provide annual training in residents scrutiny which assists the work of those involved in the Performance Review Group and the Repairs Group.

  • Residents’ Design Panel

    This is a panel of residents who offer advice and suggestions on the design aspects of new developments that Hexagon are building. This is open to all residents who have moved into properties that were built in the last three years.

If you would like to be involved in any of the above, please contact Brian Hughes, Resident Involvement Manager:
Telephone: 020 8768 7964.


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