The Residents Forum


Having a strategic input and working with the Board

The Resident’s Forum is Hexagons only resident elected group that work with Hexagon’s Board and Management on the strategies and policies of Hexagon.


The Resident’s Forum has been in existence for nine years.  The committee representing the voice of residents and is the first regular group established for involvement by residents.  Over the years the Forum has effectively contributed and influenced key policy and strategy decisions in the areas of Hexagon’s work, for example, Hexagon Corporate Plan, Value for Money Strategy, Equality and Diversity Policy (Single Equality Action Plan), Resident Involvement Policy, Financial inclusion, Community Investment Strategy, Residents Training Programme.


In 2015 the Forum underwent a review by the Housing Quality Network and this was a great opportunity to take a focused look at how the Forum operated and its historic purpose.  This highlighted the Forum’s strengths and weaknesses and how it can be improved.  As a result the Forum has re-written it’s Constitution and Standing Orders, replacing its etiquette document with a comprehensive Code of Conduct and producing a Nominations and Election document.


The Forum wish to assist Hexagon in its work as a social landlord to be the best that it can be and in doing so the Forum is developing a closer relationship with the Board and will now be more pro-active, such as, taking initiatives to the Board and Managers.  Whilst still working in partnership with the Resident Involvement team the Forum will be self-managed.  Through its duties the Forum wishes to seek and represent the views and interests of all residents to Hexagon in its function as a landlord and to promote empowerment, social awareness and participation between residents and Hexagon.


The committee of the Residents Forum is a small team of 12 members who attend the six meeting a year. Membership is for a term which consists of three years.  Calls for nominations to residents to fill vacant member seats are held annually.  Residents from all of Hexagons communities of all abilities are welcome as members.

With the many changes happening in Social Housing there is no better time for residents to become involved.

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