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Hexagon is a charitable, not for profit housing association based in South East London. Hexagon was founded in 1990.

We work closely with local authorities to ensure that we complement and help to deliver their strategic housing needs.  We are regulated by the Regulator for Social Housing (RSH) which is a Government agency responsible for registering and monitoring.

We own over 4,000 homes across seven London Boroughs and provide for a range of different needs:

  • the majority of the properties (3,675) are for general needs tenants and are managed directly by Hexagon;
  • we also provide nursing home accommodation in two homes for people who need nursing care;
  • we employ 135 staff;

We have a development programme in excess of 400 new homes over a four year period, utilising grant from the Government (the Greater London Authority or GLA) and a moderate Shared Ownership programme.

We provide housing and care for people in the greatest need who cannot afford other ways of getting a home and have been nominated by their local Council housing. We are governed by a remunerated Board of 12 people which currently meets six times a year. There are also three sub-committees: Audit & Risk; Remuneration; and Performance Management.

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