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Brickfield Cottages Emergency

May 03, 2016

 Update as at 5pm on Monday, 9th May

Further to the letter sent to residents on 6th May 2016, the residents’ meeting has been arranged for Thursday, 12 May 2016, at 6:30pm at the Glyndon Community Hall, 75 Raglan Road, London SE18 7LB.

We will be contacting residents individually to find out if transport is required to and from the venue. Residents are reminded that vehicles are not permitted on the site until further notice.

Thank you for your continued co-operation.

Update as at 2:30pm on Friday, 6th May
Residents have been told that they may return to their homes except for 5 whose homes are closest to the hole where the ground collapsed. The hole has been filled with concrete and services have been restored. In order to establish the likely cause, Hexagon has commissioned expert technical advice from leading specialists who visited site on 5th May. They have advised that borehole investigations, close to where the collapse occurred, need to take place and we anticipate this will start next week. We are advised that vehicles should remain off site. In addition, daily on-site monitoring by a Surveyor will take place from 6th May.

We share and appreciate residents’ concerns, and want to thank them for their co-operation with our requests. We are doing all we can to establish the facts in the first instance and will continue to keep residents informed as things progress.

Update as at 12 noon on Wednesday, 4th May
The latest information is that on the advice of engineers, the sink hole is being filled with concrete. All services have been restored to all homes except for the terrace at even numbers 22-40. Except for these homes, other residents will be able to return to their homes today although no cars will be allowed for the time being. We are booking hotel accommodation for the residents of 22-40 (even numbers) for the next two nights. We will continue to communicate further updates to the residents by phone, or text or email as soon as more information becomes available. Hexagon really appreciates the co-operation of our residents and the help of Greenwich Council  and the Emergency Services with this emergency.

Message as at 9am on Tuesday, 3rd May
Hexagon staff will be at Brickfield Cottages today following the development of a sink hole . We are trying to get information from the utilities about when we can restore services to the homes. Residents are currently staying with family or friends or have been put up in hotels. We are trying to contact all our residents today to provide support.

We will be updating the website as soon as more information becomes available.

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