Digital Champions Programme


Phone on treeDigital literacy refers to the specific set of competencies that allow you to function in this increasingly digital world that we live in. At present we have no information on whether residents are online or not, which is something that we are looking to change as part of this new initiative, the Digital Champion programme. When we know who in our resident population is not currently digitally literate we are in a stronger position to help them.

 As well as working across Housing and customer services  departments to collect information about our residents digital competency, we are engaging people from all parts of the Hexagon community to work with the residents that our information collection process signals as needing our help.

This means that even if you do not live in one of our homes, if you live in one of the boroughs that we have stock in and you would like to volunteer with us to help digitally excluded people improve their relationship with technology and the internet, we would love to hear from you.

Digital Champions work individually or in small groups with residents and members of the community to help them make the progress that residents need to be make to be ‘digitally included’ which will not only help them to sustain their tenancies with Hexagon but also help them have a better quality of life in this moving tech focused world that we live in.

For more information and to register your interest in this new initiative please call Michelle West-Allwood, Hexagon’s Community Investment Officer on 07770 682768 – 020 8768 7954 or email on

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