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Hexagon aims to give good standards of service in housing and care, but occasionally things do go wrong. If a tenant makes a complaint, we will investigate and put the matter right quickly if we can. In some circumstances, tenants may be entitled to compensation; the information below gives details on how to claim, and provides information on what happens when:

  • We have failed to carry out emergency or urgent repairs.
  • We have failed to meet an essential service in the tenancy agreement,
  • We have missed an appointment with you.
  • Rooms in your home cannot be used.
  • Damage has been caused to your possessions.

Select the link below to access the full policy, or complete the online form.

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    Please give details of your claim in the space below. Include the names of any Hexagon staff you dealt with, any contractors, details of poor works, dates when appointments were broken etc. Please note that for missed contractor appointments, we will show your claim to the contractor and ask for their response.
    If you are claiming for compensation for eligible improvements to the property you are leaving, state what the works were and when they were carried out.


    Please state the amount you are seeking in compensation.


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