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March 31, 2017

Board meetingHexagon is run by a Board of Management of 12 people. Four of the 12 places on the Board are for Hexagon residents and this year we have one place available.

Who can be a Resident Board Member?
Anyone who holds a tenancy agreement with Hexagon, who is not more than 6 weeks in arrears and who has not been found guilty of a Court judgement for breach of tenancy, can consider standing for the Board.

What does being a Resident Board Member mean?
Being on the Board means that you will have to attend Board meetings, attend an annual away-day, attend other occasional meetings as required, take part in training designed to improve your understanding of the role and give you skills to assist you with contributing to Board discussions.

How do I get on the Board?
If you are interested in being on the Hexagon Board or would like more detailed information as to what this involves, see our Careers page.


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