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Grenfell Tower fire

June 22, 2017

Grenfell TowerFollowing the sad and tragic events recently at Grenfell Tower, we want to reassure our residents that Hexagon takes fire safety very seriously and residents’ safety is our top priority.

We have robust measures in place to ensure the safety of all our properties and we continue to work closely with the fire authorities to ensure these measures meet all the necessary legal standards.

We carry out regular reviews and assessments of Fire Risk (FRA’s) in all our properties, which have internal communal spaces, and all these are up to date. There are no overdue actions arising from these reviews.

We have undertaken an immediate review of our residential properties focusing on high rise blocks (those 6 storeys and above). Hexagon owns a total of just six buildings that are 6 storeys or above and we are confident that none of these properties have external cladding panels like those used at Grenfell Tower.

There will understandably be concerns and anxieties arising out of this recent fire, particularly with people living in high rise buildings, and we want to reassure all residents that we are working closely with the Fire Authorities in ensuring our properties meet the required standards. We will, of course, follow any new findings or recommendations coming from the Grenfell Tower fire investigation.

The fire advice relating to all properties has not changed.  If you hear a fire alarm, evacuate yourself and your family from your property safely, shutting all doors behind you and when safe to do so dial 999 and report the location of the fire.

Purpose-built maisonettes or blocks of flats are built to give you some protection from fire.  Walls, floors and doors can hold back flames for up to 60 minutes.  The Fire brigade advice for anyone else in blocks is that you are usually safer staying put and calling 999. Tell the fire brigade where you are and the best way to reach you.

Further fire safety advice from the London Fire Brigade can be found at:


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