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Hexagon celebrates 4th consecutive SHIFT Gold Accreditation

August 28, 2020

2-17 Ledbury St, Peckham. Insulation for Carbon Reducing Program.Hexagon has received SHIFT ‘GOLD’ accreditation for the fourth year in a row.

Our SHIFT (Sustainable Homes Index for Tomorrow) ‘Gold’ has been awarded for our properties and office following a stringent assessment which took place during the lockdown period. This is a tremendous achievement considering the challenges faced in collecting and submitting all the data from partners, when many organisations were working with reduced staffing. We were able to submit good data for our business, existing stock and newbuild properties for the assessment.

SHIFT is the sustainability accreditation standard for the housing sector. Hexagon achieved ‘Gold’ accreditation and was ranked the ’6th Best Landlord’ from the recent benchmarking exercise out of the 32 landlords who are in this club. This is proof of our ongoing focus on sustainability and the energy enhancement of our existing stock and business.

Hexagon’s Property Services Director, Charles Mtakati said “This is an excellent outcome that recognises Hexagon’s continued commitment to reducing its impact on the environment through joint working with its residents and partners.”

A housing association’s stock and business are responsible for 99% of its total carbon footprint, so it is essential for landlords to foster energy efficiency improvements in their homes as a vital measure for reducing the overall environmental impact.

[row of houses pictured are some of our properties in Southwark that have benefited from extensive, retrospective, works as part of our 'Carbon Footprint Reducing Programme']

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