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Love your garden

April 11, 2018

GardenFollowing what seemed like a very long winter, the arrival of Spring is a welcomed change. This means it’s growing season for all plants and the prospect of seeing and enjoying gardens that are in full bloom is something to relish.

If you are a resident that has a home with a garden, Hexagon would encourage you to attend to your garden if it is overgrown. As part of your tenancy agreement, looking after your homes as well as your garden (should you have one) is a requirement.

Get green fingered.¬†Ensure your garden doesn’t get so overgrown that it impacts on your neighbours. Here are a few tips to get you going:

  • Regularly mow lawns and grassed areas
  • Regularly remove ivy from walls and brickwork
  • Cut grass, particularly during the growing season, keeping your patch of green at a manageable length
  • Do check if any garden hedges, trees or shrubs that you plant are suitable for the size and type of your garden

If you fail to keep your garden in good order, Hexagon may arrange for it to be cleared and will recharge you for the cost of carrying out this work.

Our Housing Services Team will be able to provide you with details of organisations that may be able to assist. You can contact them via

Enjoy your garden!

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