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Resident Advisory Group reports successful first year

January 12, 2021

The Resident Advisory Group (RAG) has now completed it’s first year. The group was set up to give a residents perspective into Hexagon’s major policies and strategies to help ensure that these reflect the needs of all residents.

The members of the Resident Advisory Group met 7 times during 2020 and reviewed 4 strategies and 6 policies, one of the major strategies that the group reviewed was Hexagon’s new Corporate Plan.

There are currently 11 members in the group which is made up of leaseholder, supported housing and general needs residents. Initially to form the group, an independent Chair, Jane Eyles, was appointed. Jane has now stepped down as Chair which meant the group is now a solely resident led group.

Elections were held and members of the group voted all overwhelmingly in favour of Sarah Schuh and Valerie Oldfield. Sarah Schuh was elected as Chair and Valerie Oldfield as Vice Chair. On being elected Sarah said “It’s an incredible privilege to be part of The Residents Advisory Group where we diligently review, scrutinise and challenge strategies relevant to Hexagon’s Corporate Plan and voice on behalf of all Hexagon residents our thoughts and recommendations on key policies before they finally go to review with the Board. We are a very diverse group of residents and leaseholders and our composition reflects the broader community Hexagon serves.”

All minutes for meetings are available on request or can be accessed here.

Hexagon would like to thank Jane Eyles (Independent Chair) for all her hard work and support she has dedicated to the Resident Advisory Group. The list of strategies and policies reviewed by RAG in the past year is below:

  • Corporate Plan
  • Value for Money Strategy
  • Resident Involvement Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Domestic Violence policy
  • Anti-Social Behaviour policy
  • Complaints policy
  • Shared Ownership policy
  • Rechargeable Repairs policy
  • Compensation policy

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