When Things go Wrong

While we aim for a high standard of service all the time, we know that we do not always manage it. You can help us improve our service by letting us know when it is not as good as you would like. We use your complaints to see where our service can be improved. We treat complaints very seriously and confidentially, and deal with them as quickly as possible.

Who can Make a Complaint?

Anyone can make a complaint about any aspect of Hexagon’s service, including tenants, leaseholders and applicants for housing. You can ask a friend or relative to complain on your behalf if preferred – although we will need to be clear that they are acting for you.

What can you Complaint About?

You can use our Complaints Procedure if we have:

  • Done something incorrectly or badly, which has resulted in your getting less than the promised standard of service, such as:
    – Giving you inaccurate information.
    – Providing unclear or incomplete replies to your enquiries.
    – Issues relating to the type of property you have been offered.
  • Done something we shouldn’t have, such as:
    – Discriminating against you.
    – Being rude.
    – Breaking appointments without telling you.
  • Failed to do something we should have done, such as:
    – Responding to your letters/queries appropriately.
    – Following procedures for dealing with your query.

What you Cannot Complain About

  • Anything that happened to you over a year ago and that you did not report as a problem at the time.
  • A policy decision that has been properly arrived at.
  • Anything that has already been considered by a court or the Independent Housing Ombudsman.

How to Complain

Before making a complaint, you may wish to try and resolve the matter informally by talking to the member of staff you were dealing with on the query. If you still wish to make a formal complaint, it is a good idea to use the form in the Complaints Procedure March 2013 – if you want a copy of this please contact the Customer Services Centre on 020 8778 6699. There are three stages to our complaints procedure:

Stage Response Time
(working days)
1 The manager of the service about which you are complaining will investigate your complaint. 15
2 If you feel the result is unsatisfactory, you will be able to ask for a more senior manager to the person who dealt with the complaint at Stage 1 to try to resolve the matter. 15
3 If you are still not satisfied, you can refer the complaint to the members of Hexagon’s Board. 20

Ombudsman Service

If you are not satisfied after the Association’s Complaints Procedure has been exhausted, you can take your case to the Housing Ombudsman Service – see below for details. This service is completely independent of the Association and is free to tenants. If you would like a leaflet about the Ombudsman Service, the Customer Services Centre will be happy to send you one.


Housing Ombudsman Service
81 Aldwych

Other contact details

Telephone: 0300 111 3000
Fax: 020 7831 1942

Going the Extra Mile

While we expect Hexagon staff to provide you with a high quality of service at all times, it is always good to know when you think that staff have provided you with an excellent service by doing that little bit extra to ensure that your problem was sorted out. We have a system of Staff Excellence Awards in place, so if you think that the person you dealt with went that extra mile, please do let us know by contacting the Operations Director.

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