Transfers and Allocations


This information sheet sets out a range of options for Hexagon tenants who want or need to move. For more details on any of the options set out below, or for a full version of our Allocations Policy, please contact the Customer Services Team:

by phone

020 8778 6699

or email

Mutual Exchange

This is where you ‘swap’ your home with the home of another tenant. They can be a tenant of Hexagon or any other housing association or council. It is up to you who you choose to swap with, subject to a few restrictions, including:

  • Your home must be suitable for the person or family with whom you want to swap with (and vice versa). It must be the right size, and properties specially built or adapted for the elderly or disabled people may not be eligible.
  • You and the person with whom you want to swap must not have any rent arrears or be subject to any form of legal action against your tenancy.
  • No money may change hands between anybody involved.
  • You must get permission – in writing – from both landlords first.

Various websites exist where you can advertise your home and search for possible mutual exchange partners. Two of these are listed below, but others may exist.

Buying a Home of Your Own

There are a number of schemes that can assist Hexagon tenants to buy a home on the private market or, in some circumstances, the home you live in now. Please refer to the information sheet entitled ‘Home Ownership’.

A Hexagon Transfer

Nearly all Hexagon tenants can apply for a transfer (move) to another home. If you want to move, contact the Customer Services Team who will send you an application form, and arrange for your Housing Officer to visit you at home. The purpose of the visit is for you to discuss your housing situation with the Housing Officer, and for them to explain all the options available to you. If, following a change in circumstances, your application moves to a higher band, your rank date will change to the date we were told of the change in circumstances. If you move to a lower band, your original date will remain.

Your application will be assessed and you will be registered on the Transfer Waiting List. Depending on your circumstances, your application will be ‘banded’. There are four priority bands, ranging from Band A for the most urgent cases to Band D for the least urgent. Within each band, applications are ranked in date order so that people who have been waiting the longest get more priority.

As properties become available for letting to existing tenants, you will be sent details of the property by post. You can then ‘bid’ for the property if you choose to. If more than one bid is received, the property will be offered to the bidder with highest priority.

Full details about our Transfer Policy and how it works are available in the information sheet entitled ‘Applying for a Transfer’, click here to download the sheet in PDF format.

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