Value for Money

  • Residents pay their rent and service charges in the expectation that we will make the best use of them.
  • Our main source of income, residents’ rents, is generally reducing by 1% a year, so we have to make sure we can live within our means.

On this page and the links from it, you can:

  • Have a look at what Hexagon is doing on Value for Money in our Value for Money Strategy 21-22.
  • See how well we are doing on value for money in our  Value for money self assessment 2016-17.
  • See how we did compared with the targets we set ourselves in our 2014/17 Strategy here.
  • We have set ourselves a number of initiatives to be undertaken this year and these can be seen here.
  • See how Hexagon rents compare with local housing associations (the answer is pretty well if you follow this link…).
  • See what we are doing on making the best use of our assets.
  • See how our behind the scenes services, such as IT, Finance and Human Resources, are ensuring we achieve value for money.
  • See some detailed information about how we compare with other landlords on value for money through externally checked data HouseMark data.
  • Find out how our borrowing costs compare.

And finally… a big thank you to the residents that were involved in agreeing the content for this section of the website.

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