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Residents’ Inspection
Residents’ Inspections are an example of scrutiny. During an Inspection, residents review in detail how well a particular service is delivered to our tenants. Residents make recommendations for improvements, which are reported to directors so that action plans can be put in place.

Estate Grading
The Estate Grading team is a group of residents who visit Hexagon estates and inspect the condition of them against set standards. The group decides on a rating of Gold, Silver or Bronze based on their findings; this then leads to an action plan for improvements, which Hexagon works to deliver on.

Performance Review Group
This Group is a panel of residents who meet four times a year to scrutinise the performance of the housing service. Recommendations are made to the Board on where and how improvements need to be made.

Tenants’ & Residents’ Associations
These are groups of people from the local area who work together to represent the views of all residents living there. Tenants’ and Residents’ Associations often work to have improvements made to the area, which in turn helps to make the neighbourhood a better place to live in.

Resident Board Member
This is involvement at the highest level in Hexagon where tenants have a place on the Board and are helping to decide the strategic direction of the Association. Of the 12 Board members, four are Resident Board Members. Each year one Resident Board Member stands down and an election is held to elect one tenant to replace the tenant standing down.

Residents’ Design Group
This group gathers residents’ input into design plans for new-build homes, and helps to identify what works well in new properties and what needs to be improved.

Repairs Group
The Repairs Group meet every three months to scrutinise, challenge and improve performance and value for money in the Responsive Repairs service on behalf of Hexagon residents. The Group focuses primarily on contractor performance.

Readers’ Panel
Interested in reading and in providing feedback? Get involved by reviewing Home News (Hexagon’s quarterly magazine) four times a year to let us know what you like and dislike about it.

Estate Champions
Our eyes and ears, these residents volunteer to ensure repairs and other communal issues are reported to Hexagon on a regular basis. This helps to keep estates in tip-top condition.

Energy Champions
These are residents who have been trained to advise on ‘green’ issues relating to Hexagon properties. Residents provide advice and information to other residents on the best energy usage in their homes.

Focus Groups
Focus Groups are your chance to join other residents for one-off meetings to give your views on new policies, procedures, services or strategies that affect the service we deliver to you.

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    How you can get involved!

    Here are some areas where you can get involved and which help improve the housing service. Simply tick one or more of the options below that you’re interested in:

    Focus groups
    From time to time we run focus groups where residents come together with staff to find out your views on the services we provide and where and how they could be improved.

    Estate Grading Panel
    A group of residents who visit Hexagon estates and inspect the condition of the blocks. The residents then give the estate a rating based on what they find and send that to Hexagon for the findings to be published.

    Contractor Selection Panel
    A small group of residents who interview potential contractors who are applying to deliver a service to residents. This group works with Hexagon managers in appointing the successful contractor.

    Readers Panel
    A group of residents who meet four times a year to discuss what they liked or disliked about the latest issues of Home News. Residents feedback from this Panel helps to shape the way Home News looks.

    Performance Review Group
    A panel of residents who meet four times a year to scrutinise the performance of the housing service and then make recommendations to the Board on where and how improvements need to be made.

    Estate Champions
    Residents who volunteer to keep an eye on conditions on the estate where they live and then report any issues affecting the communal areas to Hexagon.

    Resident Inspectors
    A small group of residents who make a detailed assessment of the quality of key areas of the housing service and then report their recommendations to Hexagon.

    Alternatively, contact the Resident Involvement Team on:

    Phone: 020 8768 7970

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