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There is the address through which to view your rent account:

Please note that this facility is only for Hexagon residents (i.e. non-Hexagon residents will not be sent a pin number/password).

Did you know you can now view your rent account online? Hexagon has teamed up with IT company SeeMyData to offer this service to all our residents.

Now you can check your account and recent payments at any time from the convenience of your own PC. All you need is your rent account number (this is on your rent payment card), a PIN number and a Password.

If you do not have a PIN number or Password and would like to request one now, complete the form below. These will be sent to you at home (for security reasons we cannot email these to you or give them to you over the telephone).

If you already have your log in details, click here to view your account.

Remember, you can also pay your rent online.

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