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Staff Excellence Awards 2016

January 27, 2017

Thank you very much to those residents who took the time to nominate members of staff for our Annual Staff Excellence Awards. Those selected were presented with their Award at our annual Staff Conference.

We had an excellent response to requests for nominations and received 44 nominations for 33 members of staff. After consideration by a panel, it was decided that 25 nominees would receive Staff Excellence Awards. Recipients included the following:

Staff Conference Excellence 2016

Brian Hayward (Surveyor)

Cherina Ramsey (Housing Officer)

Cynthia Douglas (Supported Housing Officer)

Errol Grant (Surveyor)

Kathy Richards (Resident Involvement Officer)

Patience Ohabuiro (Housing Officer)

Liane Powell (Housing Officer)

Lisa Cole (Housing Officer)

Rahul Sen (Project Manager)

Some of the comments provided by residents included “Kathy has excellent organisational skills and listens and really hears what residents have to say”; “Lisa really cares about her tenants. She is strict on the rules, but first she explains the rules fully so you know what’s expected of you and what Hexagon will do”; and “Mr Grant has been very supportive over the last year. He has taken a lot of negative response from me, but he has always responded to my messages.”


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