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Staff Excellence Awards 2017

January 05, 2018

Thank you very much to all our residents who took the time to nominate members of Hexagon staff for our Annual Staff Excellence Awards. Those selected were presented with their Award at our Staff Conference last November.

We had a very good response to requests for nominations and received 35 nominations for 24 members of staff and 2 teams. After consideration by an internal panel, 14 members of staff received an award.

Staff Excellence Awardees can be nominated by residents and other staff members and you can see the full list of awardees below, together with what our residents or their colleagues had to say about them.
Lisa Cole
Lisa Cole – Housing Officer – Nominated by 4 residents – “Nothing is too much trouble for her, she is always there to help”. “She was so good when my Housing Benefit was messed up by the Council” (pictured accepting her award from Housing Services Director, Andrew Green)

Cynthia Douglas – Supported Housing Officer – Nominated by one of Hexagon’s external partners – “Cynthia shows genuine interest in the welfare of her residents. She is polite, professional and puts all efforts into her job”.

Fiona Jones – Supported Housing Officer – Nominated by a colleague -¬† “Fiona has helped me to provide the best possible service to tenants with vulnerabilities. She is always cheerful and will do her best to help you out”.

Kim Parks – Housing Officer – Nominated by a resident – “She is a very good listener and judges things fairly for everyone”.

Remi Oshibanjo – Trainee Housing Officer – Nominated by colleagues – “Remi has organised the first Black History Month celebration. Her interpersonal skills, organising and enthusiasm got everyone on board”.

Joan Harries – Housing Officer – Nominated by a colleague – “Joan has assisted [me] with aspects of regaining electricity supply to certain [empty] properties, even though this is not her responsibility”.

Emma Heckman – Senior Stock Data Analyst – Nominated by a colleague – “A new IT product was introduced which resulted in extensive work for Emma. It is thanks to the hard work of Emma that the new system is now operational”.

Aaron Harris – Project Surveyor – Nominated by colleagues – “Aaron always responds to queries speedily and will always go out of his way to find out information from someone else if he doesn’t know the answer”.

Rumana Khair – Stock Improvement Manager – nominated by colleagues – “Rumana has shown real dedication and commitment in offering opportunities to our residents. She has taken on two administrators via the Hexagon Academy (both Hexagon residents) and also developed a trainee Project Surveyor role which was also filled by a resident”.

Elspeth Brown – Responsive Repairs Manager – Nominated by 2 residents – “Elspeth embodies responsive repairs – she takes personal ownership and gives us updates until the problem is resolved”.

Sophie Powers – Trainee Support Officer – Kirkwood Road – Nominated by colleagues – “Since joining Kirkwood Road in February, Sophie has excelled in her role and has taken on additional responsibilities. In particular, she has met with the Safer Neighbourhood Police Liaison Team to help residents to feel safer in their homes”.

Eve WarrenEve Warren – Rehabilitation Worker – Kirkwood Road – Nominated by colleagues – “Eve has worked hard in making community links a reality for Kirkwood Road residents”. (pictured accepting her award from Andrew Green, Housing Services Director)

Bright Hehetro – Team Leader – Newstead Road – Nominated by a resident – “Bright has been really good to me. He has been someone I can talk to and has also visited me in hospital”.

Elliot Mann – Senior IT Support Analyst – Nominated by a colleague – “A new IT product was introduced which resulted in extensive work for Elliot. It is thanks to the hard work of Elliotthat the new system is now operational”.

Team Awards

Newstead Road teamNewstead Road Team – Nominated by colleagues – “It is very difficult to nominate just one person within the team. All team members have worked exceptionally hard over the last year and have achieved a rating of 118% for the number of people¬†moving on (the first time this level has been achieved in 8 years!)”. (Team pictured on the right)

Customer Services Team – Nominated by residents and colleagues – As well as 7 nominations for individual members of the team, there were an additional 2 nominations for the team as a whole – “All [CSC] are excellent, kind and considerate to us older residents”, and “as a doorway to the organisation, I have always had good service from the reception staff”.

2017 Employee of the YearAs well as the above nominations, staff are also invited to vote for a colleague who has been nominated “Employee of the Year”. The 2017 Employee of the Year award went to Pamela Hunte, Senior Sales Executive (pictured in the centre).



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