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Towards the end of last year, a small team of residents carried out a detailed service inspection into the way that Hexagon works. The area which the resident inspectors chose to review was the Cyclical Decoration programme. Cyclical decorations are where Hexagon contractors paint the external areas of a block and the internal communal areas, such as staircases, walls and landings. This is usually done in a 6-yearly cycle.

At the end of the inspection, although the inspectors concluded that the contractors completed the works to a good standard, they felt that there was room for improvement. In their report, the residents made 13 recomendations based on their findings. Hexagon will now get busy to put these improvements into place.

The residents’ inspection of the cyclical decorations programme is a good example of residents working together in partnership with Hexagon to identify and deliver improvements to the housing service.

If you are a Hexagon resident and would like to find out more about becoming part of the inspection team, click here to send an email or call Catherine Foxwell, Resident Invovlement Officer, on 020 8768 7962.

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