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Tenancy Fraud

June 12, 2015

Tenancy Fraud

What is housing fraud?

Housing fraud is where a housing association or council owned property is not occupied by the person who is supposed to be there. Examples would be a tenant who sub-lets their property without permission, or who moves out while pretending to still be in occupation, or gives false information to obtain a tenancy.

Why is housing fraud important?

There are large numbers of people awaiting housing in all the London boroughs, some of whom are living in very poor or overcrowded conditions. Fraudulent use of social housing stops these people from being re-housed more quickly.

What does Hexagon do about housing fraud?

We investigate all cases where fraud is suspected. We may visit and ask to see identification, and run checks to see if the person in occupation has a right to be there. We then take action to recover a property where there is evidence of fraud.

What happens to someone committing housing fraud?

They will almost certainly lose their right to obtain a future housing association or council property. We may seek to recover the money they have gained unlawfully, as well as legal costs and damages. The law has recently changed to make tenancy fraud a criminal offence so criminal prosecution may follow.

How do I report fraud?

If you think that a Hexagon property may be occupied by someone who shouldn’t be there, you can contact us in the strictest confidence on 020 8778 6699 or email us on

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