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Universal Credit Update

July 27, 2018

Universal-Credit-ImageTowards the end of last year, we told residents that the roll-out of Universal Credit will continue to gather pace throughout the year. Universal Credit replaces the following benefits:

- Income Support

- Job Seekers Allowance

- Employment Support Allowance

- Housing Benefit

- Child and Working Tax Credits

Eventually, all of these benefits will end, and anyone claiming these benefits will claim Universal Credit instead. Universal Credit is a working age benefit, which means that anyone over pension credit age will not be affected by the changes.

Universal Credit for new claims rolled out in the Lewisham Borough in July and will be rolled out in both Bexley and Greenwich boroughs in the Autumn. This means that, by the end of the year, Universal Credit will be operational in all areas in which Hexagon operates.

What is the difference?

Universal Credit operates differently from the benefits it replaces in two key ways. Firstly, the benefit is paid monthly, with all of your money for the month paid at once. Secondly, if you get help with your housing costs, these will be paid to you, rather than directly to Hexagon as is usually the case with Housing Benefit. This means that you will then need to make arrangements to pay your rent to us from the money you get from your Universal Credit.

These changes can be challenging, and will require benefit claimants to take a more active approach to managing money than might have been needed before, especially regarding housing costs.

Help is at hand

If you are worried about the changes, our Financial Inclusion Service can help. If you would like more information about how the changes might affect you, or what help is available, please contact our Customer Services Team on 020 8778 6699 or Freephone 0800 393 338.



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