Summary of our Value for Money Strategy


Hexagon’s Value for Money Strategy 2014/17

Use the link below to access a summary of our Value for Money Strategy, which will tell you:

  • Why we have a Value for Money Strategy.
  • The tools we use to achieve Value for Money.
  • How we compare with others.
  • Trends in cost per home.
  • The main focus of the Value for Money Strategy.
  • How we put the Strategy together.
  • Our targets for repairs, gas servicing and repair work to empty homes.
  • The changes that residents should see as a result of the Strategy
  • How we will  monitor performance on the Strategy?

Click here to download the Summary of the 2014-17 Value for Money Strategy

If you want to find out more:
Click here to download the full 2014-17 Value for Money Strategy.
Click here to find out how we did against the targets that we set ourselves in the Value for Money Strategy for the year to 31st March 2016.

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