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Household protected by Financial Inclusion Advice

April 02, 2015

‘Kate’ has been a Hexagon resident for many years. She has two children with disabilities, one of whom is a quadriplegic and because of this, the family’s home has been very heavily adapted to enable them to live independently.

Despite the unique nature of the property and the family’s difficult circumstances, ‘Kate’ found herself impacted by the “bedroom tax”, due to the size of the property. As a result of this, and of wider complications with her benefit claims, ‘Kate’ found herself in significant rent arrears, and at risk of eviction.

Losing the family home would have placed significant strains on the family, and would have created huge difficulties in caring for ‘Kate’s’ severely disabled son. To avoid this, her Housing Officer referred her to Hexagon’s Financial Inclusion Adviser, Jason Herbert, to see if there was any scope to address the situation.

Jason was able to successfully apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment, mitigating the impact of the bedroom tax. He was also able to identify factors in ‘Kate’s‘ household situation that meant that she would not be subject to other deductions from her Housing Benefit that would otherwise have applied. This meant that ‘Kate’s’ Housing Benefit covered her rent in full, and a backdated payment was also secured that cleared most of her rent arrears.

‘Kate’ was delighted by the intervention, which helped her protect her tenancy and her family’s security.

If you are a Hexagon tenant and are experiencing financial difficulties due to the impact of the Bedroom Tax, or if you are experiencing any financial difficulties at all, contact Jason on 020 8768 7925, for practical help and advice.

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