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We’ve partnered with Morgan Hunt and the London Learning Consortium to support our residents back in to work or to progress professionally in their work.

One of the top recruitment agencies in the UK, Morgan Hunt offers 20 online courses each taking between six and eight weeks to complete to achieve a nationally recognised qualification at level 2. So long as you complete the course within the timeline, these courses are free to access* as part of a three month pilot partnership and can help you either in your current role, to start work or change career direction.

Course benefits

These courses will allow you to:

  • Achieve a nationally recognised qualification
  • Access to high-quality learning materials and support from an experienced Tutor/Assessor
  • Progress your skills to the next level
  • Improve your knowledge of the industry to a high standard


 Level 2 Certificates Duration (weeks) Hours per week
Awareness of Mental Health Problems 6-8 1-2
Business and Administration 6-8 1-2
Caring for Children and Young People 8-10 1-2
Understanding Behaviour that Challenges 8-10 2-3
Care and Management of Diabetes 6-8 1-2
Common Health Conditions 6-8 1-2
Customer Service 6-8 2-3
Customer Service for Health and Social Care Settings 8-10 2-3
Dementia Care 6-8 1-2
Dignity and Safeguarding 6-8 2-3
Equality and Diversity 5 2-3
Infection Control 6-8 1-2
Information, Advice or Guidance 6-8 1-2
Lean Organisation Management Techniques 9 1-2
Learning Disabilities 6-8 2-3
Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care 6-8 2-3
Principles of Care Planning 8-10 1-2
Principles of End of Life Care 6-8 1-2
Retail Operations 8-10 1-2
Safe Handling of Medication in Health and Social Care 6-8 1-2
Team Leading 6-8 2-3
Understanding Autism 6-8 2-3
Understanding Nutrition and Health 6-8 1-2
Warehousing and Storage 8-10 2-3


The only face-to-face time that these courses require is for an initial signup/registration meeting, where you will need to provide Photo ID and proof of eligibility to work in the UK.  You must be 19 years plus and have lived in the UK for the past three years.

To register, call our Community Investment Team on 0208 768 7984/ 7915 to sign up for the next induction; once registered you can then complete the rest of the course in the comfort of your own home.


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